February 13, 2018

It's Almost Spring

While today wasn't great, as it is still only Tuesday and the beginning of the week, but it was rather nice for a Tuesday. Jana and I had our advisor call from Dawn Nicol at 8:15 this morning, and she didn't really have much to say to me, as usual, as I am so amazing. I got my school done, as well as setting up some tracking settings so I can monitor traffic to my website. After lunch I went outside to see how life outside the house is going, and was surprised by the nice 27°F weather, and the sunshine. There was a little bit of wind, but I could feel the start of spring, even if everyone else says they can't. I can smell it and hear it coming. I went and pet the rabbits and cats a little bit, and then scratched the cow on the neck because she was being so needy. I went back inside for awhile, and then went out to get a load of wood for the fireplace. Jana had made some sort of tuna dish for supper, which was very good. Dad had to take tickets at the basketball game in Frazee, but he was the only one going, as Kendra Mohn was coming over at 7. She brought her daughter, Katija, and that was nice for Tevia, as they got registered for camp together. Once they left, we started thinking about going to sleep, as it had gotten to be a late night.