February 28, 2018 

Skiing With Thad

Today was the last day of February... and it felt exactly the same as the last 27 days of the month, except it was a little warmer, with a high of 37 degrees. Dad worked this morning, and Mom worked all day, so it was just Jana and I at home. We did our school work until Dad got home, and then we continued doing school. At 10:30 or 11, Dad asked me if I wanted to go skiing on the Tamarac Wildlife Refuge with Thad and him. I was like, "ok sure why not lets go" and so I went along with them. We ended up skiing a long way, on Upper and Lower Egg Lakes. Once we were done around 2, we drove over to Curly's Bar, which had actually just been bought by Art and Anne, and so we said hi to them and she showed us some pictures of Bill's old dog, Rica, while we ate our burgers. Then we went home, and I just layed around until 5:30 or so, when we went to Glen's for Bible Study. We had a good time with him, David, and Theresa, and they had cookies and popcorn and cider and juice, so it was really nice. Then we came home, and Dad and I bought 5 tickets to Orlando with Sun Country, as well as reserving our car... gonna be an interesting trip as we didn't reserve seats, so they'll put us where ever they want on the plane... it's gonna be fun (trying to convince myself). By the time we got that done, it was already almost 10, so we all went to bed.