February 27, 2018 

Jana Burned the Bacon 

Today was Tuesday, which again is an alright day, but not the greatest. I went down to my office in the basement right away, or as I have started calling it, my Batcave. I had most of my school done by 11, when I had to get into Chemistry class- I used to enjoy some of my classes, now they're all more just a pain. After lunch, I played on my computer a bit while waiting for my last class of the day, at 3, which was just a "give your feedback to the teachers" kind of class. Every time you attend, you get your name in the hat for a $15 Amazon giftcard, so I figure it's worth it. After that, I asked if either Jana or Tevia wanted to come with me to Grandpa and Nana's, but neither of them did, so I turned on the snowmobile and went across Rose Lake to get there. While I was talking to Grandpa and Nana, I got a text from Mom saying that I should check if they had any Baked Beans or bacon, as they needed some for dinner. While Nana looked, I had a egg-salad, ham, and pickle sandwich. Once I was done with that, I said bye and got back on the snowmobile. Jana was very glad when I got home with her beans and bacon, and finished dinner so that we ate around 6:45. After cleaning up for dinner, I took my camera and tripod outside, and played around some more with stuff. It was cold, so I came inside and found Dad Facetiming with the guy he works for, David- I said hi, and then went and messed around with the photos on my computer. After that, I wrote this, and will probably still go out and take some more pictures tonight. Not a very eventful day- hopefully tomorrow will be a little more interesting.