February 26, 2018 

Monday Again... 

Well... today was Monday again. It was also my first time working with my new setup in the basement, which seemed to improve my work quality and speed, as there were no distractions. I got twice as much done in half the time as I did upstairs. I had math class at 11, and I half paid attention but also updated my website, and added an online store so that people can order prints and different things from me. After my class, I did more homework until it was time to get ready for work. Work was pretty busy, and I got called Harry Potter multiple times (which is weird as I wear my glasses commonly) but I didn't care that much. After work, Dad picked me up and we went home where Mom had made beef ribs, which were pretty good, and then I went outside and messed around some more with my camera before coming inside, as it was rather cold. Was a long day, and so was nice to go to bed after everything was done.