February 25, 2018 

Janessa Came to Visit

Today was Sunday once again, and sadly, the last day of the weekend. It does seem like the week goes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday. The entire weekend just zooms by. Hopefully this coming week will be a little busier and more interesting. I woke up this morning at like 8 am, which is super unusual for me, but I was ready to go by like 8:25, which was also unusual. I started driving, but Mom was kinda freaking out as Dad and I were arguing about how to drive, but he was in the back, so she made me get in the back and had him drive. We got to church, and the driveway parking lot area wasn't plowed yet, and we had just had a huge snow, so Dad called Kent who was just about to come and do it anyway. Then it was time for church and stuff, and Janessa was there which was super nice because she's normally rude and doesn't ever come and visit. John was coming over after church to hang out after church, so we had to leave right away, and pick him up from his girlfriend's house in Detroit Lakes. He came over to our house, and we played music and had fun doing improv on the bass and guitars until about 5, when we took him back home. As soon as I got back, Dad, Jana, Tevia, and I went over to Grandpa and Nana's, where I had dinner, and then talked to Grandpa for an hour or so and then we went back home. Had been a long day, but still wasn't looking forward to the school on Monday. One cool thing I did before bed was go outside and experiment with long exposure shots, and I got a few cool looking pictures.