February 24, 2018 

Uhg. More Snow. 

Today was finally Saturday and it was so amazing and beautiful and I loved it because I got to sleep in till almost 11 in the morning. I got up, and wandered downstairs, after putting on some clothes, as Mom had come up and warned me that Katija was here, and so I needed to make sure I was wearing something before coming downstairs. Mom, Tevia, and Katija all left, and then Dad left for work, so I made some Mac & Cheese which I ate before Jana and I snowmobiled over to Grandpa and Nana's. We stayed over there for two hours or so, and cut up watermelon with a new cutter thing that Nana had bought. It started to snow a lot, so we jumped back on the snowmobile, and almost beat Grandpa back to our house, as he had left at the same time but taken the car. If Jana wasn't with me, I would have gone faster and then I would have. Pretty soon Tevia and Mom got home, and then Ben showed up a little later. Eventually, Curt and Fran, Scott and Cheryl, Tessa, Adrian, and Aidan all showed up as well. We had dinner, and then everyone left by 8:40. I took a shower before bed, as tomorrow is Sunday, and then went to bed.