February 23, 2018 

Basketball Game- 

Today was finally Friday- seemed like it'd take forever. We had to finish up our schooling this morning, which was boring. I've been trying to expand my knowledge of music, as what I listen to right now is pretty much Rend Collective- and only Rend Collective. So while I was doing my school, I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack, which was pretty great. I also read an article that video game soundtracks are the best, as they are made to keep you motivated while not being distracting. After I was done with school, I moved all my computer stuff down to my new office in the basement, which ended up being 5 totes of stuff, plus my Desktop, Monitors, laptops, and assorted cords. Around 3, Dad and I went over to buy a "new" snowmobile near Vergas, which was super old but still ran better than our current one, which has quit running. We got it for $450, and then I drove it home. It has no suspension (that's how old it is) but it has a seat, hand warmers, reverse, key start, and a whole bunch of other cool things. Once we got home, we just messed around for awhile. I had gotten a really nice email from Grandma, so I read that to Dad while we were waiting to go to the basketball game. Tevia was playing in the pep band, so we were supposed to go support her. We went to the game, and ended up staying until just before 8pm, with 13 minutes left in the game. Mom and Dad decided they were going to go out to Spanky's (note this is at 8:30 now) and so Jana, Tevia, and I rented "Wonder" from YouTube and watched that while they were gone. It was a super good movie, and then once it was finished and they were back, we all went to bed around 11.