February 20, 2018 

Back to School

Today we went back to school, after our nice weekend... it was pretty depressing. I had chemistry class at 11, but even that was pretty boring. I'm in the process of moving my computer stuff down to the basement, which probably won't be complete until next Saturday, as I need to get carpet for the area first. I'll put my desktop, 3 laptops, hacked NES, and android computer down there probably, as well as my recording stuff. Basically, all my computer stuff in one nice clean organized area so when I need to do projects, it's all just a click away. Pretty much all I did all day was do school and play on the computer.... I also messed around on my guitar and ended up learning the into to Shape of You, and then practicing old stuff like scales and junk, but then got bored of that. It was a very boring day, and hopefully tomorrow will be a little more interesting.