February 18, 2018 

MYF Music 

Today was Sunday, which meant church- I had set my alarm for 8:15, but at 8:10ish, Mom came in my room and said I'd be in trouble if I wasn't in the car by 8:30- so I quickly ran downstairs half dressed, hopped in the shower, and then ran back upstairs and packed my guitar, grabbed my camera, got dressed, and then was in the car by 8:30. The MYF was doing music, so I practiced with Bradly before Sunday school, and then we had to do worship. It was pretty sketchy, and didn't sound wonderful, but then it turned out ok I guess. After church there was fellowship dinner, but Brock had to get his phone charger from Ben's, so I ran with him to Ben's, where we ended up microwaving a bunch of corndogs and eating them before running back to the church for lunch. We came home, and Jana and Tevia decided they were going to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 & 2. While they did that, I played on my computer, until I got bored and went and almost took a nap. After the movies were done, it was pretty late so we just relaxed until about 9:30, and then went to bed. Didn't have to fall asleep too soon as tomorrow is President's day, which meant no school.