February 17, 2018

The Fall of Elmer 

Today was Saturday, which meant I had to get up and work at 8 am. I set 3 alarms to make sure I woke up, one at 6:15, two at 6:30, and the third at 6:45. When I got to work, the Tweeton Refrigeration van was outside, which is never a good thing. During the night, the meat and cheese cooler had gone out, and it all had to be moved into the dairy cooler while that got fixed. Work was very slow, so I got all three of my aisles looking super beautiful. There was one guy who came in and was smoking in the store, but then left before I got Kim to the front. As soon as work was over, we went over to Spruce Grove church for the birthday party, but we found out that on the way over, Elmer had fallen and split open his head, and so he wasn't there. We had some cake and weird salted salmon stuff and then went home, where we cleaned before David and Teresa, and Thad and Ginny came over. When they arrived, we had some dinner, and then sang some hymns, before sending them home. I then went and played Minecraft on my computer for a few hours until it was late enough I felt I should go to bed. A very relaxing day once work was over. The youth group leads worship in church tomorrow, but Johnna's sick and Bradly hasn't practiced with us once yet, so it might just be Jana, Matthew, and myself... gonna be interesting.