February 16, 2018

MYF Night

Today was Tevia's first day of band in the public school system, but because of how early she had to leave, we ended up doing family worship at 7:34, which was way too early. It was really nice to have a Friday with not as much school as normal. Tevia got back from band, and told us all how amazing it was and how she loved it. Around 12:50, Mom and the girls took off to go to the thrift store to work, but I was able to get out of it on account of having to work at 4 and still being in my pajamas. Around 3:20, Dad and I went in to the thrift store, where I hung out for about 20 minutes before going down to work. It was pretty busy when I got there, and I was working with Chris all evening, which basically meant I was in charge of the place. I had to do a ton of work, but instead read an article in the paper about one of the Anderson's who rode his bike from Alaska to Argentina. As soon as I finished reading the article, his parents actually came in to buy food, so I talked to them a little about it, which was awesome. When Chris got off her break, she decided she wanted me to move all the carts, and mop the floor 3 times to make sure it got really clean, so I got partly through that before Manson came and took over. We had MYF tonight, and it was small, with just Jana and I, and then Kylie, Johnna, and Matthew. However, we were (sadly) with the JYF as well, so it was a rowdy group. We split up after awhile, and had a good Bible study time. Then we came home, and ended up going to bed around 11pm. Probably should have gone to bed a little earlier as I have to work at 8am tomorrow...