February 15, 2018

Good Hamburgers

Today was Thursday, the day I usually work. However for some reason this week, Heath decided to have me work tomorrow instead, which meant without work, today was the first day I've had in a long time, and will have in a long time, where there was absolutely nothing on my calendar. I did some extra school work so that I'd have a little more time to relax tomorrow, and then played some assorted video games, including Minecraft. Mom and the girls left around 12:30 to pick up Fran, as they were going shopping in Fargo for the afternoon. Dad had to go do some stuff like ski, but once he got back, he dropped me off at Grandpa and Nana's for the evening. I talked to them a lot, and then at 5, Grandpa and I started making hamburgers for dinner. We ate at 5:30, and the hamburgers were amazing. I ended up spending most of the evening obsessively studying if Christians should (should, not can) drink alcohol. Dad came over to Grandpa and Nana's a little later, and we talked for awhile before going home. We got home before the girls, as they did not end up getting back till after 8:30. Once everyone was home, it was time to turn in as it had been a long day.