February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

Today was Valentine's day- nothing special for any of us, as it was also the beginning of Lent, and Ash Wednesday. We had school today, which just crawled by, and then everyone went out for a ski before lunch. After lunch, Jeremy and Sherri dropped off Dawson, as they were going in to have their taxes done at Walmart. They ended up paying like $400 to have them done, which is a huge ripoff but we didn't tell them that. Dawson slept for awhile, but then woke up and was super scared, and cried almost the entire time they were gone, except for when he was outside and could watch the animals. After they came back and got him, we proceed to get ready to go into town and have dinner and Bible Study with Betty and Theresa. We brought biscuits, and Theresa had made corn chowder, as well as some cookies and stuff. Mom showed up about 5 minutes after, as she had come straight from work. We ate the food, which was super good, and then had a little Bible study. Once we got home, it was such a nice night out (we had a high of like 45°F), that I decided to go out for a walk, and ended up being outside for almost an hour. Dad went over to Kent's to talk, but once he got back we all went to bed. 

Left to Right: Theresa, Betty, Jason, Talitha, Tevia, Jana