February 12, 2018

Monday's are Death

Today was the worst day of the week as usual. Monday's can't be anything but horrible. There are interesting things every other day of the week, except Monday. Started out with working on some of my school, and then finished some of that and so I decided that I wanted to redesign my entire website, at tjsanzen.net. I also got my new business cards today, so I wanted something that was impressive as them. Right after lunch, Mom and I had to go into the ER in Perham and get fingerprinted, so that we could be allowed to do foster care. On the way home we stopped at the post office as I had to mail a package. We went home where I played around on the computer a little bit more, and then got ready for work. I went to work, where it was boring as usual. However, this one lady came in and was basically singing my praises, telling me how wonderful and happy I am, and how she thinks my parents must be so proud of me. Was an interesting experience. Once I got off work, I waited outside for Mom, where Kaylynn was there and yelled at me for awhile. I went out and fed the cats once I got home, those savage little beasts, and then decided I should probably finish my homework before it's due tomorrow at 6 am. It's really cold outside, but they say it might get up to 35° on Wednesday.