February 11, 2018

A Stressful Sunday

Today was the day of the Lord, aka Sunday. I slept in till 8:30, which is approximately the time we are supposed to leave for church. However, I was able to get up on time. I actually woke up around 8:15, but I waited in bed because I wanted to see what song I had set my alarm to, as I couldn't remember. We left for church around 8:40, without Mom, as she was still sick. Dad had gotten back from the cities around 11:30 last night, so he told us about his time there on the way to church. We got to sit in on the adult Sunday school class, as Mom was not there to teach the youth, and then the sermon was on love, since it is almost Valentines day. Afterwards, we went home where we had leftover tacos, and some weird green apple lemon lime kool-aid that Jana had made yesterday. We were all just chilling and so I went out and pet the cows for awhile, and saw what they were up to in the barn, and then came back inside. Somehow things had escalated a bit while I was ignoring the world, and Tevia was walking to Frazee. Dad brought Jana and I over to Grandpa and Nana's while he was getting her, and then came over and got us. We had a long talk with Grandpa and Nana about pretty much everything, but mostly talking about how old people have problems with progression in the church. We then came home, where Tevia was still mad and talking about different things, and so then I escaped into my office and wrote today's journal entry as a method of stress relief and therapy. Was a pretty nice first half of the day, and there were some good parts in the afternoon if you put on your rose tinted glasses. There was a beautiful sunset tonight, reminding me of how great God must be to put such beautiful things in the world.