February 10, 2018

Mom's Still Sick

Well, today was a wonderfully lazy morning. Mom is still very sick, but was downstairs when I got up. All of us just hung around doing nothing, as Mom was out cold on the couch most of the morning, and Dad is still gone at his college reunion. Around 1, I called Grandpa Bruce and asked him if he would drive us into town, so that I could get some groceries for dinner, and some 7Up for Mom. He said he'd be at our house around 3, so I still had about 2 hours before he came. I decided I should probably do some cleaning, so I cleaned for awhile, and then Mom woke up and was feeling a little better. Grandpa got to our house so we went in and got about $21 of groceries, including some things for Mom. We got home and each had a piano lesson. I was able to get through my second-to-final theory book, and I got a perfect on the final test. I started making tacos around 5:40, and then we ate around 6. Mom felt like watching a movie, so she ended up renting Despicable Me 3, not realizing she was using my Amazon account. It was $6 to rent, which is completely outrageous. After the movie was over, which was okay, Jana went up to get ready for bed, and Tevia chilled downstairs for a while talking to Mom, while I worked on the computer and wrote this entry. Been a long day, should probably take a shower before church tomorrow. Dad should be back around midnight, so he'll be able to bring us to church.