February 09, 2018 

DL Ice Palace 

Today I stuck my head outside the door, and I noticed a weird smell right away. I thought about it for a little while before I realized it was the smell of spring! Everyone else says that they can't smell it, so I must just have a really good sense of smell. We had our last day of school for the week, and then at 1 pm, Dad left for the Twin Cities, as he has a college reunion this weekend. Grandpa came and picked us up around 2:30, and we went over there for the evening. Mom called on her way back from work, telling us that she was running a fever again, so probably would just go home straight to bed. For dinner, Grandpa and made tuna on top of chips, with salad and ice cream after. Then we said goodbye to Nana, and went into DL to see the Ice Palace on the lake. The Ice Palace was super cool and always changing color, and they had a ice sculpture park with fires and a tiny tubing hill. Then we went home and tried to be quiet so that we wouldn't disturb Mom.