February 08, 2018

Wrestling Match

Today Mom worked, and Dad had stuff to do at camp (already) so we were on our own until around 9. We all worked on assorted schooling things, and then I went to an online class at 12 (I didn't remember until halfway through a TF2 match) for chemistry, where the teacher, Karen, seemed kinda annoyed because I was doing the problems too fast. I went out for a ski before taking a shower, and then Dad brought me to work at 4. Work seemed to drag on forever, and then when I got off at 7, I walked down to the school for the wrestling matches. Thankfully, Johnna had saved me a spot as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to sit with how many people were there. Crosby turned 16 today, so I wished him a happy birthday (and told him no, I won't try and steal him some chew) and then we hung out while watching the match. Bradly didn't get to wrestle sadly, but was still there which was cool. When it ended, around 10, Ben brought me home after a pit stop at All-in-all to get snacks. Great Evening. Picture is of one of our cats sitting on the porch.