February 07, 2018

Youth Group Night

So today started pretty average, with Mom going to work and us doing school. Our day was pretty mismatched, with Dad taking Tevia to her flute lesson at 3, and then Dad, Jana, and Tevia going in to get fingerprinted as soon as they got back. I practiced a lot of guitar and piano, and ended up learning the A scale on the guitar. Then once Mom got home, we got ready to go and they dropped me off at the Frazee Event Center at 6:30. I went in, and then Johnna, who I had invited, got there about 4 minutes after. Caleb talked a lot about how many people in India want a Bible, but don't have one, and then about Peter walking to Jesus on the water, and when he took his eyes off Jesus, he sunk. Like a rock. Afterwards, there were nachos as a snack, and then Johnna and I went over to the gas station where we had milkshakes while we sat and talked for about 45 minutes until she had to leave to go home. I then waited at All-in-All until Mom and Dad came and picked me up. Then I came home, wrote this, and went to bed.

Note this photo was taken on my phone, and does not have the same quality as my Nikon.