February 06, 2018 

Eric Samuel Timm 

Today started as just an average Tuesday, with getting up at 7, and then getting a call from our school counselor at 8:15. I had a live class at 11 for Chemistry, and then made Quiche for dinner at 5. The SpaceX launch was today for the Falcon Heavy, and while I missed the live launch by 20 minutes, I watched the replay and it was history being made. Elon Musk had even put a Tesla car in the spaceship! We were going to see Eric Samuel Timm at the Historic Holmes Theater, and so that's why I had to make dinner so soon. We got there pretty early, and then got front row seats with Ben. He had a small startup band called ROADS open for him with One Step by Walk The Moon and then he came out and gave the entire Gospel message, and then gave an illustration by painting. Then he went on to invite people to accept Jesus into their hearts if they never had before. It was super amazing. After that, there was free pizza, which we went and got, and met a guy named Daniel, who was a really cool guy who had just moved from Pelican Rapids to Detroit Lakes about 2 weeks ago. We then proceeded to return home, where we went to bed.