February 05, 2018 

Another Monday 

Today was Monday. Again. Mondays are really the hardest day of the week. Tuesday you're almost halfway done, Wednesday is church night, Thursdays there are usually games going on at the high school, Fridays are the start of the weekend, Saturday is for relaxing, Sunday is church- but Mondays are literally the worst day of the week. I think that they should start having something on Mondays. Anyway, today we had school as usual, and then we did assorted things. I had college classes, and Jana had her normal classes as well. Dad ended up blowing the entire driveway, and then driving over to Grandpa and Nana's to do theirs as well, but Grandpa had already done it. I worked at four, so I went there and suffered through three hours of torture, before coming home to Stir-fry 🤢, and then more homework. After that, it was pretty much time for bed. Not a very eventful day. Below is a picture of a piece of the cheesecake that Ben had made, with what I felt was a reasonable amount of whipped cream.