February 04, 2018

Steven's Birthday Party

Today we had church in the morning- Mom and Dad made me get up at 7am because I've made us late the last 3 Sundays, even though we didn't have to leave till 8:35. Church went well, with Mom and Dad doing the music, and then Jesse using some interesting football analogies for the church, since it was the Super Bowl Sunday. Basically, he made me come up and pretend I was a QB. After church, we came home and had lunch, and then Jana and I played Soul Calibur until Jeremy, Sherri, Steven, Dawson, and Ben all showed up. Since Steven's Birthday is on Tuesday, we had a cake for him and sang to him today. Afterwards we played some with him, and then Jeremy and Sherri took Steven and Dawson and went back home so that Dawson could sleep. Ben and I played video games for awhile, then some normal board games, before heading over to Grandpa and Nana's for the Super Bowl, which had the Eagles beat the Patriots. The Halftime show was Justin Timberlake, but wasn't too great until the last bit. After the game, we went home and fell asleep pretty fast, because we were tired.