January 27, 2018

Tubing in DL

Today was a slow day- Mom and Dad are still gone on their vacation, so we are staying at Grandpa and Nana’s. Since there wasn’t any school or work, I slept in until almost 10, with multiple times to get up and go get something to eat. We didn’t really have anything to do, as Nana didn’t have any appointments after her knee surgery, and so we just kind of bummed around. It was cloudy and then started snowing around 2:30. We had chapel at one point, and then went over to do chores at the house before going into DL to go tubing with the church. I’ve never been tubing before and so it was exciting. There were a lot of us there, and Gabe and Phoenix had come with Johnna, which was cool. It wasn’t very cold out, and so it was fun. We had tickets for 3-5, and I wanted to get my money’s worth, so I didn’t spend any time sitting inside like Tevia did. Gabe was inside a lot too, but it was because he hurt his shin in boxing, so it was okay. The last time down, I felt I should prove how manly I was, so I stripped down to a t-shirt and pants, in 10-degree weather, and went down screaming as loud as I could. We had homemade pizza for dinner with Nana, and then Mom and Dad got home too.