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February 28, 2018 Skiing With Thad Today was the last day of February... and it felt exactly the same as the last 27 days of the month, except it was a little warmer, with a high of 37 degrees. Dad worked this morning, and Mom worked all day, so it was just Jana and I at home. We did our school work until Dad got home, and then we continued doing school. At 10:30 or 11, Dad asked me if I wanted to go skiing on the Tamarac Wildlife Refuge with Thad and him. I was like, "ok sure why not lets go" and so I went along with them. We ended up skiing a long way, on Upper and Lower Egg Lakes. Once we were done around 2, we drove over to Curly's Bar, which had actually just been bought by Art and Anne, and so we said hi to them and she showed us some pictures of Bill's old dog, Rica, while we ate our burgers. Then we went home, and I just layed around until 5:30 or so, when we went to Glen's for Bible Study. We had a good time with him, David, and Theresa, and they had cook…


February 27, 2018 Jana Burned the Bacon  Today was Tuesday, which again is an alright day, but not the greatest. I went down to my office in the basement right away, or as I have started calling it, my Batcave. I had most of my school done by 11, when I had to get into Chemistry class- I used to enjoy some of my classes, now they're all more just a pain. After lunch, I played on my computer a bit while waiting for my last class of the day, at 3, which was just a "give your feedback to the teachers" kind of class. Every time you attend, you get your name in the hat for a $15 Amazon giftcard, so I figure it's worth it. After that, I asked if either Jana or Tevia wanted to come with me to Grandpa and Nana's, but neither of them did, so I turned on the snowmobile and went across Rose Lake to get there. While I was talking to Grandpa and Nana, I got a text from Mom saying that I should check if they had any Baked Beans or bacon, as they needed some for dinner. While Na…


February 26, 2018 Monday Again... 
Well... today was Monday again. It was also my first time working with my new setup in the basement, which seemed to improve my work quality and speed, as there were no distractions. I got twice as much done in half the time as I did upstairs. I had math class at 11, and I half paid attention but also updated my website, and added an online store so that people can order prints and different things from me. After my class, I did more homework until it was time to get ready for work. Work was pretty busy, and I got called Harry Potter multiple times (which is weird as I wear my glasses commonly) but I didn't care that much. After work, Dad picked me up and we went home where Mom had made beef ribs, which were pretty good, and then I went outside and messed around some more with my camera before coming inside, as it was rather cold. Was a long day, and so was nice to go to bed after everything was done. 


February 25, 2018 Janessa Came to Visit
Today was Sunday once again, and sadly, the last day of the weekend. It does seem like the week goes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday. The entire weekend just zooms by. Hopefully this coming week will be a little busier and more interesting. I woke up this morning at like 8 am, which is super unusual for me, but I was ready to go by like 8:25, which was also unusual. I started driving, but Mom was kinda freaking out as Dad and I were arguing about how to drive, but he was in the back, so she made me get in the back and had him drive. We got to church, and the driveway parking lot area wasn't plowed yet, and we had just had a huge snow, so Dad called Kent who was just about to come and do it anyway. Then it was time for church and stuff, and Janessa was there which was super nice because she's normally rude and doesn't ever come and visit. John was coming over after church to hang out after church, so we had to leav…


February 24, 2018 Uhg. More Snow. 
Today was finally Saturday and it was so amazing and beautiful and I loved it because I got to sleep in till almost 11 in the morning. I got up, and wandered downstairs, after putting on some clothes, as Mom had come up and warned me that Katija was here, and so I needed to make sure I was wearing something before coming downstairs. Mom, Tevia, and Katija all left, and then Dad left for work, so I made some Mac & Cheese which I ate before Jana and I snowmobiled over to Grandpa and Nana's. We stayed over there for two hours or so, and cut up watermelon with a new cutter thing that Nana had bought. It started to snow a lot, so we jumped back on the snowmobile, and almost beat Grandpa back to our house, as he had left at the same time but taken the car. If Jana wasn't with me, I would have gone faster and then I would have. Pretty soon Tevia and Mom got home, and then Ben showed up a little later. Eventually, Curt and Fran, Scott and Cheryl, …


February 23, 2018 Basketball Game- 
Today was finally Friday- seemed like it'd take forever. We had to finish up our schooling this morning, which was boring. I've been trying to expand my knowledge of music, as what I listen to right now is pretty much Rend Collective- and only Rend Collective. So while I was doing my school, I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack, which was pretty great. I also read an article that video game soundtracks are the best, as they are made to keep you motivated while not being distracting. After I was done with school, I moved all my computer stuff down to my new office in the basement, which ended up being 5 totes of stuff, plus my Desktop, Monitors, laptops, and assorted cords. Around 3, Dad and I went over to buy a "new" snowmobile near Vergas, which was super old but still ran better than our current one, which has quit running. We got it for $450, and then I drove it home. It has no suspension (that's how old it is) but it has a …


February 22, 2018 We Need More Guns
It's almost the end of the week, which is like super awesome. Tevia rode the bus to band practice today, and then Dad picked her up after he got done with his Thursday Morning Bible Study Group thing at Harvest Fellowship. We all had piano lessons, and then school as normal. After lunch, Dad took Jana over to paint with Fran Abel, and she had a good time. Then at four, Mom dropped me off at work, and then continued on to pick up Sherri and Dawson, who came over for supper. The store was super busy as there is a snowstorm coming, and so everyone is afraid they'll be stuck in their houses for days and they think they need a ton of food. After I got everything done, I started reading the newspaper and was amused at Trump's response to the Florida school shooting, which was that we need more people to be armed. As much as people like to complain about him, I do feel that he's doing a good job. Then as soon as I got off work, Mom picked me…


February 21, 2018 The End of the Billy Graham Crusade
Today, we were over at Grandpa and Nana's for the day. When Jana and I walked down into the kitchen, the news was on, and they were talking about the recent death of Billy Graham. Was cool too see major news stations talking more about the message of the Gospel today than they probably ever will again. After breakfast, I did some school work, with common breaks to do things such as get more food, or play the piano. There were a lot of turkeys in the yard eating things that had dropped from the birdfeeder, and so it was fun to watch them. One even jumped up on the deck and accidentally smashed into the window! Tevia had her last flute lesson for awhile today, so Grandpa took her to that while we stayed back and messed around. Then, as it was my turn to make dinner today, I made mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy, and we had that for dinner, except Tevia who's a vegetarian. She had fish instead, because that doesn't count…


February 20, 2018 Back to School
Today we went back to school, after our nice weekend... it was pretty depressing. I had chemistry class at 11, but even that was pretty boring. I'm in the process of moving my computer stuff down to the basement, which probably won't be complete until next Saturday, as I need to get carpet for the area first. I'll put my desktop, 3 laptops, hacked NES, and android computer down there probably, as well as my recording stuff. Basically, all my computer stuff in one nice clean organized area so when I need to do projects, it's all just a click away. Pretty much all I did all day was do school and play on the computer.... I also messed around on my guitar and ended up learning the into to Shape of You, and then practicing old stuff like scales and junk, but then got bored of that. It was a very boring day, and hopefully tomorrow will be a little more interesting. 


February 19, 2018 President's Day
It was Monday again, but it was President's day, so at least we didn't have school. I had to do my college classes in the morning, as I had left them off, and then I did a bit of my normal school as I didn't have anything else to do. We all just kinda messed around all afternoon until it was time for me to go to work at 4. I had to work until 7, and it seemed to just drag on forever. Then once I got done with work, I went home where we had pizza for dinner. After dinner, I messed around with ciphers with some friends online, and somehow earned the respect of everyone in the room by figuring out a cipher super quickly. Then it was time for bed. 

This is one of the ciphers he gave me, with the clue 000000=0.


February 18, 2018 MYF Music 
Today was Sunday, which meant church- I had set my alarm for 8:15, but at 8:10ish, Mom came in my room and said I'd be in trouble if I wasn't in the car by 8:30- so I quickly ran downstairs half dressed, hopped in the shower, and then ran back upstairs and packed my guitar, grabbed my camera, got dressed, and then was in the car by 8:30. The MYF was doing music, so I practiced with Bradly before Sunday school, and then we had to do worship. It was pretty sketchy, and didn't sound wonderful, but then it turned out ok I guess. After church there was fellowship dinner, but Brock had to get his phone charger from Ben's, so I ran with him to Ben's, where we ended up microwaving a bunch of corndogs and eating them before running back to the church for lunch. We came home, and Jana and Tevia decided they were going to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 & 2. While they did that, I played on my computer, until I got bored and…


February 17, 2018The Fall of Elmer 
Today was Saturday, which meant I had to get up and work at 8 am. I set 3 alarms to make sure I woke up, one at 6:15, two at 6:30, and the third at 6:45. When I got to work, the Tweeton Refrigeration van was outside, which is never a good thing. During the night, the meat and cheese cooler had gone out, and it all had to be moved into the dairy cooler while that got fixed. Work was very slow, so I got all three of my aisles looking super beautiful. There was one guy who came in and was smoking in the store, but then left before I got Kim to the front. As soon as work was over, we went over to Spruce Grove church for the birthday party, but we found out that on the way over, Elmer had fallen and split open his head, and so he wasn't there. We had some cake and weird salted salmon stuff and then went home, where we cleaned before David and Teresa, and Thad and Ginny came over. When they arrived, we had some dinner, and then sang some hymns, before …


February 16, 2018MYF Night
Today was Tevia's first day of band in the public school system, but because of how early she had to leave, we ended up doing family worship at 7:34, which was way too early. It was really nice to have a Friday with not as much school as normal. Tevia got back from band, and told us all how amazing it was and how she loved it. Around 12:50, Mom and the girls took off to go to the thrift store to work, but I was able to get out of it on account of having to work at 4 and still being in my pajamas. Around 3:20, Dad and I went in to the thrift store, where I hung out for about 20 minutes before going down to work. It was pretty busy when I got there, and I was working with Chris all evening, which basically meant I was in charge of the place. I had to do a ton of work, but instead read an article in the paper about one of the Anderson's who rode his bike from Alaska to Argentina. As soon as I finished reading the article, his parents actually came in to …


February 15, 2018Good Hamburgers
Today was Thursday, the day I usually work. However for some reason this week, Heath decided to have me work tomorrow instead, which meant without work, today was the first day I've had in a long time, and will have in a long time, where there was absolutely nothing on my calendar. I did some extra school work so that I'd have a little more time to relax tomorrow, and then played some assorted video games, including Minecraft. Mom and the girls left around 12:30 to pick up Fran, as they were going shopping in Fargo for the afternoon. Dad had to go do some stuff like ski, but once he got back, he dropped me off at Grandpa and Nana's for the evening. I talked to them a lot, and then at 5, Grandpa and I started making hamburgers for dinner. We ate at 5:30, and the hamburgers were amazing. I ended up spending most of the evening obsessively studying if Christians should (should, not can) drink alcohol. Dad came over to Grandpa and Nana's a l…


February 14, 2018Valentine's Day
Today was Valentine's day- nothing special for any of us, as it was also the beginning of Lent, and Ash Wednesday. We had school today, which just crawled by, and then everyone went out for a ski before lunch. After lunch, Jeremy and Sherri dropped off Dawson, as they were going in to have their taxes done at Walmart. They ended up paying like $400 to have them done, which is a huge ripoff but we didn't tell them that. Dawson slept for awhile, but then woke up and was super scared, and cried almost the entire time they were gone, except for when he was outside and could watch the animals. After they came back and got him, we proceed to get ready to go into town and have dinner and Bible Study with Betty and Theresa. We brought biscuits, and Theresa had made corn chowder, as well as some cookies and stuff. Mom showed up about 5 minutes after, as she had come straight from work. We ate the food, which was super good, and then had a little Bibl…


February 13, 2018It's Almost Spring
While today wasn't great, as it is still only Tuesday and the beginning of the week, but it was rather nice for a Tuesday. Jana and I had our advisor call from Dawn Nicol at 8:15 this morning, and she didn't really have much to say to me, as usual, as I am so amazing. I got my school done, as well as setting up some tracking settings so I can monitor traffic to my website. After lunch I went outside to see how life outside the house is going, and was surprised by the nice 27°F weather, and the sunshine. There was a little bit of wind, but I could feel the start of spring, even if everyone else says they can't. I can smell it and hear it coming. I went and pet the rabbits and cats a little bit, and then scratched the cow on the neck because she was being so needy. I went back inside for awhile, and then went out to get a load of wood for the fireplace. Jana had made some sort of tuna dish for supper, which was very good. Dad had to tak…


February 12, 2018Monday's are Death
Today was the worst day of the week as usual. Monday's can't be anything but horrible. There are interesting things every other day of the week, except Monday. Started out with working on some of my school, and then finished some of that and so I decided that I wanted to redesign my entire website, at I also got my new business cards today, so I wanted something that was impressive as them. Right after lunch, Mom and I had to go into the ER in Perham and get fingerprinted, so that we could be allowed to do foster care. On the way home we stopped at the post office as I had to mail a package. We went home where I played around on the computer a little bit more, and then got ready for work. I went to work, where it was boring as usual. However, this one lady came in and was basically singing my praises, telling me how wonderful and happy I am, and how she thinks my parents must be so proud of me. Was an interesting experience.…


February 11, 2018A Stressful Sunday
Today was the day of the Lord, aka Sunday. I slept in till 8:30, which is approximately the time we are supposed to leave for church. However, I was able to get up on time. I actually woke up around 8:15, but I waited in bed because I wanted to see what song I had set my alarm to, as I couldn't remember. We left for church around 8:40, without Mom, as she was still sick. Dad had gotten back from the cities around 11:30 last night, so he told us about his time there on the way to church. We got to sit in on the adult Sunday school class, as Mom was not there to teach the youth, and then the sermon was on love, since it is almost Valentines day. Afterwards, we went home where we had leftover tacos, and some weird green apple lemon lime kool-aid that Jana had made yesterday. We were all just chilling and so I went out and pet the cows for awhile, and saw what they were up to in the barn, and then came back inside. Somehow things had escalated a bit …


February 10, 2018Mom's Still Sick
Well, today was a wonderfully lazy morning. Mom is still very sick, but was downstairs when I got up. All of us just hung around doing nothing, as Mom was out cold on the couch most of the morning, and Dad is still gone at his college reunion. Around 1, I called Grandpa Bruce and asked him if he would drive us into town, so that I could get some groceries for dinner, and some 7Up for Mom. He said he'd be at our house around 3, so I still had about 2 hours before he came. I decided I should probably do some cleaning, so I cleaned for awhile, and then Mom woke up and was feeling a little better. Grandpa got to our house so we went in and got about $21 of groceries, including some things for Mom. We got home and each had a piano lesson. I was able to get through my second-to-final theory book, and I got a perfect on the final test. I started making tacos around 5:40, and then we ate around 6. Mom felt like watching a movie, so she ended up renting…


February 09, 2018 DL Ice Palace 
Today I stuck my head outside the door, and I noticed a weird smell right away. I thought about it for a little while before I realized it was the smell of spring! Everyone else says that they can't smell it, so I must just have a really good sense of smell. We had our last day of school for the week, and then at 1 pm, Dad left for the Twin Cities, as he has a college reunion this weekend. Grandpa came and picked us up around 2:30, and we went over there for the evening. Mom called on her way back from work, telling us that she was running a fever again, so probably would just go home straight to bed. For dinner, Grandpa and made tuna on top of chips, with salad and ice cream after. Then we said goodbye to Nana, and went into DL to see the Ice Palace on the lake. The Ice Palace was super cool and always changing color, and they had a ice sculpture park with fires and a tiny tubing hill. Then we went home and tried to be quiet so that we wouldn't…


February 08, 2018Wrestling Match Today Mom worked, and Dad had stuff to do at camp (already) so we were on our own until around 9. We all worked on assorted schooling things, and then I went to an online class at 12 (I didn't remember until halfway through a TF2 match) for chemistry, where the teacher, Karen, seemed kinda annoyed because I was doing the problems too fast. I went out for a ski before taking a shower, and then Dad brought me to work at 4. Work seemed to drag on forever, and then when I got off at 7, I walked down to the school for the wrestling matches. Thankfully, Johnna had saved me a spot as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to sit with how many people were there. Crosby turned 16 today, so I wished him a happy birthday (and told him no, I won't try and steal him some chew) and then we hung out while watching the match. Bradly didn't get to wrestle sadly, but was still there which was cool. When it ended, around 10, Ben brought me home after a pit st…


February 07, 2018Youth Group Night
So today started pretty average, with Mom going to work and us doing school. Our day was pretty mismatched, with Dad taking Tevia to her flute lesson at 3, and then Dad, Jana, and Tevia going in to get fingerprinted as soon as they got back. I practiced a lot of guitar and piano, and ended up learning the A scale on the guitar. Then once Mom got home, we got ready to go and they dropped me off at the Frazee Event Center at 6:30. I went in, and then Johnna, who I had invited, got there about 4 minutes after. Caleb talked a lot about how many people in India want a Bible, but don't have one, and then about Peter walking to Jesus on the water, and when he took his eyes off Jesus, he sunk. Like a rock. Afterwards, there were nachos as a snack, and then Johnna and I went over to the gas station where we had milkshakes while we sat and talked for about 45 minutes until she had to leave to go home. I then waited at All-in-All until Mom and Dad came and p…


February 06, 2018 Eric Samuel Timm 
Today started as just an average Tuesday, with getting up at 7, and then getting a call from our school counselor at 8:15. I had a live class at 11 for Chemistry, and then made Quiche for dinner at 5. The SpaceX launch was today for the Falcon Heavy, and while I missed the live launch by 20 minutes, I watched the replay and it was history being made. Elon Musk had even put a Tesla car in the spaceship! We were going to see Eric Samuel Timm at the Historic Holmes Theater, and so that's why I had to make dinner so soon. We got there pretty early, and then got front row seats with Ben. He had a small startup band called ROADS open for him with One Step by Walk The Moon and then he came out and gave the entire Gospel message, and then gave an illustration by painting. Then he went on to invite people to accept Jesus into their hearts if they never had before. It was super amazing. After that, there was free pizza, which we went and got, and met a guy…


February 05, 2018 Another Monday 
Today was Monday. Again. Mondays are really the hardest day of the week. Tuesday you're almost halfway done, Wednesday is church night, Thursdays there are usually games going on at the high school, Fridays are the start of the weekend, Saturday is for relaxing, Sunday is church- but Mondays are literally the worst day of the week. I think that they should start having something on Mondays. Anyway, today we had school as usual, and then we did assorted things. I had college classes, and Jana had her normal classes as well. Dad ended up blowing the entire driveway, and then driving over to Grandpa and Nana's to do theirs as well, but Grandpa had already done it. I worked at four, so I went there and suffered through three hours of torture, before coming home to Stir-fry 🤢, and then more homework. After that, it was pretty much time for bed. Not a very eventful day. Below is a picture of a piece of the cheesecake that Ben had made, with what I f…


February 04, 2018Steven's Birthday Party
Today we had church in the morning- Mom and Dad made me get up at 7am because I've made us late the last 3 Sundays, even though we didn't have to leave till 8:35. Church went well, with Mom and Dad doing the music, and then Jesse using some interesting football analogies for the church, since it was the Super Bowl Sunday. Basically, he made me come up and pretend I was a QB. After church, we came home and had lunch, and then Jana and I played Soul Calibur until Jeremy, Sherri, Steven, Dawson, and Ben all showed up. Since Steven's Birthday is on Tuesday, we had a cake for him and sang to him today. Afterwards we played some with him, and then Jeremy and Sherri took Steven and Dawson and went back home so that Dawson could sleep. Ben and I played video games for awhile, then some normal board games, before heading over to Grandpa and Nana's for the Super Bowl, which had the Eagles beat the Patriots. The Halftime show was Justin…


February 03, 2018 Sickness of Mind and Body Well, today was when we normally have our Saturday night group, except today didn't go as planned. I slept in till 9:40am, which was amazing and refreshing, and then we had chapel at 10. Tevia was having some behavioral issues, for unknown reason, and was having a tantrum all morning. Dad had to work at 1pm, and he decided it would be best to take Tevia with him, since all she was doing was walking around the house screaming and letting us know how much she hates us at random intervals. Mom on the other hand, was still down with the flu, or whatever she had, and so had called all the people who come over most Saturday evenings, and told them she was sick. Ben still decided he wanted to come though, as apparently he hadn't been sick in 5 years. We had chicken tortilla soup, and then some cheese cake that he brought, which was amazing. I had lit a fire, and decided to open the front panel, but it was smoking up the entire house, so it w…


February 02, 2018 Chemistry Experiments Today was Friday, which meant we were finally finishing up the week. Mom was feeling sick and had been running a fever, so we didn't have to go to the Thrift Store and work there, which was amazingly awesome. We had school, finishing up for the week, and so I ended up having to do all the work that I didn't do earlier in the week, primarily being my Chemistry Labs. After school, we just kind of bummed around the house for awhile. There was a wrestling match in Frazee at some point, and so Dad and I decided to go to that around 6:30. We had to stop at the bank before we could, so that I could get some money, but then it was a lot of fun. Crosby wasn't wrestling, which we had hoped to see, but it was still great to hang out with him. We left about 10 minutes before the match ended, and came home where we listened to it end on the radio right as we pulled in the driveway. Perham beat Frazee by a few points.