January 30, 2018

Ben Likes Tacos

Today was pretty regular- Jana and I had classes in the morning, and then after lunch, Mom went over to see Ruby. I worked on the church website for a couple of hours, and then decided that I didn’t like it, so trashed the whole thing (after making a backup copy) and rebuilt the whole site. It’s very nice, and I really am proud of a button and a menu in particular. Dad went out for a ski, and I decided to make tacos for dinner. I texted Mom to pick up some ingredients, and then I decided to invite Ben over for dinner. He came over at like 6:15pm, and brought lettuce and tortillas because Mom had forgotten them. We had tacos, which were like, amazing, and then Ben and I messed around with the website for awhile. He showed me the Vineyard church website which is like so amazing, like it even has a video in the background, so I need to make our site better so that we’re cool too. Then Ben and Dad started talking about some of his college classes while Mom made cookies. At first they were meh, because we didn’t have any milk, but then I found out that Dad had gotten some milk from the store so it was okay. Ben took a few cookies with him, like 5 even though I tried to get him to take them all, and then went home as he still had some homework to do tonight. Was a pretty average Tuesday otherwise, but having Ben over was nice.