January 29, 2018

The Car Broke. Again.

Mom worked today, so that was nice, and then Jana and Tevia and I had school. The GMC had been acting up, so Mom took the Toyota to work, and left the Acadia at home. We had chapel at 8 as always, and then jumped into school again, after the nice weekend. I had 20 assignments for the week, plus like 20 more due for MState, which is the 100% most waste of time in the world as it is designed to make one less dependent on God, and more dependent on self. After lunch, Dad and I brought the GMC into the dealer to have it repaired, where we ran into Steve Hershberger, Betty’s son, who we talked to. Then we drove home for me to take a shower, and then I went to work from 4-7. Mom picked me up, and started drilling me for some reason, and then Dad had been messing with my computer, which upset me. We had dinner, then after some more homework, it was time for bed.