January 28, 2018

Dawson is Big

Well, we went to church today. There was communion, and it went well. Jesse was preaching on something to do with antibiotics, and about how when he went to the doctor, they accidentally fixed his ingrown toenail. Seemed legit. After church, Bradly, Brock, and I ran over to Ben’s place, where we raided his fridge, freezer, and any other food we could find. I ended up taking 4 sodas. Johnna gave me a ride back to the church so that I didn’t have to walk. Then I drove home, and Mom sat in the back. We were just chilling at our house when Jeremy and Sherri showed up for some reason, and they had Dawson with them. He’s like 6 months now I think, and he’s really starting to be more observant. Once they left, we went over to Grandpa and Nana’s, where they had like 20 turkeys and 3 deer, at different times, in their yard. We then returned home and watched The Curse of the Black Pearl before bed.