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Inspiration Hills Camp, Iowa | 2017

Inspiration Hills Camp, Iowa | 2017This weekend, November 9th through the 12th, was our youth group trip to Inwood Iowa, where we spent the weekend at Inspiration Hills Camp. It was a great time, with a great speaker, by the name of Bob Lenz, who was also an author (I got a copy of his book, Grace!) I ended up having to talk a little, just answering questions, in front of a bunch of kids my age, which was kinda cool, kinda stressful, and really surprising! We also got to go to an escape room, which was really awesome! We had to drive about a half hour, to Souix Falls South Dakota, and it was questionable if it was worth it, because the elf was probably at the end of her shift and she seemed really grumpy (it was Christmas themed.) But then we just had a plain good time, and so it wasn't a waste of time.