The Home Depot

October 11th, 2016 | Day 8

We woke up at around 6:30 this morning to the sound of someone using a leaf blower again. Seems to be a tradition around here to use the leaf blower right outside the noob's apartment. Everyone got up and had breakfast while Tevia went up and had breakfast with Annamarie, Hector II, and Gabrilla. After breakfast, we all got loaded in the bus while Jason and Hector (the older Hector) checked the engine. With some rather limited directions, we took off in the general direction of Caguas, in our big yellow bus. It was an hour or so away, but the scenery was very beautiful. Then, we got on the interstate. However, the interstates in Puerto Rico are not very well maintained, and can't really be called interstates either, because there isn't more than one state in Puerto Rico, so really it's a turnpike or something, but we called it the interstate. We soon got to the Home Depot, having only made one wrong turn! We shopped in the Home Depot until we were about ready to drop, and then went over McDonalds for lunch. We got back on the turnpike, and then stopped at the Wal-Mart in Cayey again. We went through a toll, and thought we were going to have to pay, but the school had a "balance" or whatever that meant, so we got to go through free. We got to the Wal-Mart and shopped for another few hours, as well as picking up some food for Johanna. Then, we got back in the bus and went back to the school. It had rained pretty hard while we were gone, and school was just getting out, so we only took out a few things. Once most of the kids had gone home, it started to rain again, so Jason got the rest of the items from the bus. Talitha started painting the bathroom, while Tovin put together a bathroom shelf. Jason, Jana, and Tevia put some shelves up in the bedrooms, then started dinner. Tovin came in and helped with the salad as well. Johanna had invited Jana and Tevia over to make cookies, so they went and did that after having a taco salad for dinner. Tovin and Jason went and looked at all the public bathrooms, then came back after Jason had used one. Talitha and Jason went down to the prayer meeting, while Tovin stayed back and wrote in his Journal. Then, once everyone was back, it was time for bed.

Shopping in Wallyworld