Leaving Home

October 4th - 2016 | Day One

This morning we all got up around 6:15 and finished packing and got loaded up in the car. We left after about an hour, at 7:15, with Tovin almost forgetting his swimsuit. We drove for about twenty minutes before stopping for breakfast at the McDonalds in Perham. We kept driving until we finally got to the Twin Cities, where we bought Jimmy John's for Chris and ourselves. After a quick lunch break with him, we hit the road again. Both Tovin and Jana started developing headaches, which continued to worsen into Wisconsin. After driving for a few hours in Wisconsin, we stopped at a park where we had to pay $5 to get in. We went for almost a one mile hike on nice trails, then got back into the car. Jana's headache had left, while Tovin's continued to worsen, and now included an upset stomach. After a few more hours of travel and a stop at a gas station for drinks, we finally arrived at Grey's Lake. We found Linda's house where we picked her up and went out to eat at an Asian food placed called Asian Bowl. It was gross. Tovin was feeling sick still, so went out to rest in the car while everyone else finished their food. Then we returned to Linda's house where everyone found beds and tried to fall asleep. Unfortunately, Tovin had to go into the bathroom and midnight where he puked, and then again at around 2am. Not a very restful night for everyone.