Jen & Davin's

October 19th, 2016 | Day 16

Today everyone got up and went downstairs. Jen made pancakes for breakfast, and there was also fresh avocado. Davin left for work, and everyone just hung out for awhile. Then we drove to a trail in a park and went for a really long hike. We got back and had sloppy joes for lunch. Jen and Talitha and the girls went to the Thrift Store while Jevin and Tovin stayed back and played video games. Once everyone got back, we played for awhile longer, watched some Phineas and Ferb, then loaded up into the van and went into town to eat at Culvers. Jen said she would treat, which was probably a bad idea, as when you offer our family free food, you end up spending almost $100 at a fast food restaurant. Davin got there from work just after we had ordered, and got some food, and came and ate with us. We went back to the house, and Jen and Davin had to go to Awana. Everyone else just played video games and then showed them the pictures from our trip. We then all went to bed and were asleep by midnight.