February 24, 2005

 After countless discussions about having no toys in Jeremy's room and after months and months of moving things out of his room, keeping things organized in the living room, and disciplining "drift" of things back into Jeremy's room, Jason unilaterally decided after many conversations of knowing I totally think it is the wrong decision to make that all Jeremy's toys should be put in his room. We had agreed (or at least Jason had said he would agree but obviously didn't really agree) to wait until Saturday to clean things up in the basement so we could do it together. Instead while I was gone today, Jason took all the things out of the living room and moved half of them into Jeremy's room and threw half of them away.

I have no objection to the fact that Jeremy's room is clean. I have no objection to the fact that there is not a big mess in the living room downstairs. Had Jason shown the maturity and respect to sit down with me and have a discussion in an adult way instead of sneakily going behind my back, I am sure we could have come to a compromise. But instead he totally disregarded my feelings and wishes and went off on his own path, after all the promises that we would make decisions together, like some sort of dali lama.

And to think that yesterday just because Jason asked I stayed home from work, spent all day with "his" kids, in "his" house, and gave him the entire day to do whatever he wanted. What a joke. Thanks a lot for making a sacrifice, here's mud in your eye. I guess all that talk about being friends and working together was all bull. It's pretty sad that I can respect my husband enough to do what he asks even to the point of taking the day off of work and giving him a "vacation," but he can't even respect me enough to talk to me before violating a family rule just because he thinks it's a good idea.

Then he clearly told me that it is his house, his kids and his life and it is none of my business what he decides to do with anything because it was a good idea and who cares if I don't agree? Doesn't matter because it isn't my family anyway, it's his.

Didn't need to be done today, had plans to do it together, but just felt like doing it his way. He couldn't see any reason not to. No reason not to? Guess keeping your word, acting like a friend, and being respectful don't play for much in Jason's world. No wonder things are going south.  

-Written by Talitha