April 28, 2004

Happy Birthday Mom!

We were planning on going to my parent's house today for my Mom's birthday but they came to St. Cloud shopping instead. We had piano lesson at 10:00 and then met them at the mall near JC Penny. We took a stroll through Pennies and was so upset about the large posters of nude women that they have. What a joke. Not sure what I should do about it but very upset that things are this way. Jeremy and I talked about it and how one should look away to protect our minds. Anyway, my parents showed up and instead of shopping we walked around and went to look in Scheels.

Then we went to the China Buffet and had a meal. My mom wouldn't let me buy but at least we went dutch. Tough eating out with Tovin and Jana. At a buffet I like to dig in and eat big but they need to be fed and their hands are into things and the floor always gets to be such a mess. It went okay I think but I wish I could have felt comfortable to eat more. It was good and we talked in the van for a little while after which was actually the most relaxing environment for me since I could let the little ones run free. However, do have to keep Jana and Tovin away from the horn as they think it quite humorous to make the loud honk.

My parents went to Savers and then shopping. We headed home for naps and studies. It was nice to see them and I hope my mom has a nice birthday. It is nice they can get out and do something together.