April 27, 2004

Jeremy had a 4-H practice today. We didn't go for the first part in Clearwater because it was over nap time. Instead we met them at the Foley High School auditorium at 4:00. We were a little late but Jeremy got up there and did his part okay. It is going to be a really neat thing for him and he is very scared about it.

God has revealed to us in many ways that fear is what is disabling Jeremy in so many things. When he is getting stuck on school work or starting to act out, we stop and talk to him about what he is scared about. He has lots of things going on right now with a gymnastics recital coming up, 4-H program and summer on its way. Talking about his fears and letting him verbalize them helps him get back on track so we are very thankful for this break through.

4-H practice was very exciting for Jeremy and we headed home to get supper going. Stopped at Coborns in Foley before going home. Had community education at 7:00 and that was good but I was kind of tired from the day.