April 23, 2004

I left for class that started at 8:30. Had a long day with lots of repeat things but it was okay. Lots of interesting people that are enjoyable to watch and interact with. Had many heterosexual couples but one couple who were two lesbians planning to adopt. Showed the video that we have at the end and it was very emotional for me as always - it just is a tough deal - gave me more empathy and recharges me some.

Jeremy did somewhat better today. Tali's dad wanted to try teaching him some and did but sounds like many of the math answers were spoon fed. Oh well, at least he was able to enjoy some of the day. Grandpa Bruce took Jeremy over to watch the carp run and the local bait owners milking the pregnant carp of their eggs to sell sucker minnows on opener. Was interesting to watch for him.

Tali and I went over after they got back with Jana and Tovin. They were all done but it was nice for Tali and I to have some time to talk. We had supper and then headed back around bedtime. Jana just hates sleeping long term in the car seat but we made it home.