April 22, 2004

Got up and got going. Nice sunny day outside. Tali went for a run and I soon followed her. Jeremy has studies to do and for some reason wanted to sit on them and not do anything but them. Grandpa Bruce took Tovin and Jana around the yard and played with them while Tali and I were running. I ran over to the farm and walked around the perimeter. Lots of trees died from last summers drought and tough cold winter.

Jeremy still wasn't doing his work so Tali and I agreed that I would take him with me and he could sit in the van until finished. I left and class started at 12:30. Lots of review but always interesting to hear what others have to say. Ended up that I was one of the more experienced people since many were just getting licensed for foster/adoptive care.

I went out and checked on Jeremy every break to see how he was doing. I would also bring him out snacks and take him to bathroom. While inside myself, I would take his shoes so he wouldn't be tempted to go wandering. He told me how some guy came to the window and talked to him and Jeremy made conversation. I don't like having him in the car but not sure what else to do. He is working on fractions and just doesn't want to do them even though he knows how. Weird deal.

When the class was about finished I heard this older guy talking to one of the social workers all tense about what sounded to be him saying some kid was in a car with all doors locked and it was getting cold outside. I panicked and got up right away and walked out. Hustled to the van and drove off looking for a new spot to park just in case he was referring to my van. Jeremy said that he saw no one and no one came to the van but I was going to move. I drove around a bit and then parked over by the hospital where I use to when I did nurses training there. I finished the class and heard nothing of it.

Dinner was on our own so Jeremy and I went to the grocery store and I bought a loaf of white bread and some .88 cent sandwich meat for our supper. Cost $1.73. I had brought water from home.

After the meeting was over we headed home. Jeremy still had not done his studies and was as stuborn as ever. I had him stay in the van to work on the studies and offered him to go to the bathroom in the out house or brush if needed but not in the house until all were in bed. Tali had Tovin and Jana almost asleep. We talked with Tali's mom some and then everyone went to bed. Jeremy worked for a while in the van and then covered himself with a blanket and quit altogether. I brought him in and kept him awake by having him run outside up the hill when he lost his motivation to keep working on the math. I stayed up with him until 3 AM before he finished and then went straight to bed. Have to figure out something else for tomorrow but I think he has learned from this experience - or at least I hope so.  

Tovin- the future hiker