April 17, 2004

In the morning I rented an 8 HP Honda rear tine tiller from Clearwater Rental for 2 hours - cost $30 plus a couple bucks gas. Really nice and did a good job in the garden.

We then went to Ace Hardware grand opening and bought some stuff and had brats and pop for $1 and free pizza for dinner. It was fun and then had lots of stuff on sale. We bought some fertilizer for the yard, clothes line pole paint and line and other things. We spend about $75 so they gave us a couple free hats - One for Gorilla Glue and another for Black Cat fireworks.

In the afternoon, I painted the clothes line poles while Tali helped Jeremy fly his butterfly kite and Jana and Tovin played with the lady bug lawn ornament and flower windmill. Jeremy and I later used the free rental spreader to spread fertilizer on the lawn. Maybe it will help things to grow better.

Found the first tick of the year on Jeremy stuck in just above the hair line on the back of his neck.

Tough evening for Tali as both Tovin and Jana didn't want to nurse so she allowed them to wean. The breast feeding has become a very close bonding experience in addition to giving wonderful nutrition to Tovin and Jana. It took Tali a tremendous amount of time and dedication to keep breast feeding this long with her busy schedule and all. I'm very proud of her and the great gift that only she could give our kids.