April 15, 2004

I had a dental appt. in the morning and for the first time in a few tries, I had no cavities. Tali took time off work to come over and watch the kids while I was in.

In the afternoon, Jeremy and I finished scraping the clothesline poles and applied the first coat of white primer. Would like to get the poles down and fixed with new line so we can dry clothes outside and save some electricity.

Also worked on the edging and rock in the front. When Tali got home we went out after supper and hauled rock. I was trying to haul the rock in the wheelbarrow but tried for too many rock and deflated the tire by breaking the bead. So I used the trailer where I could stake four 5 gallon buckets of rock and haul them over each trip. Jeremy and Tovin helped with their own buckets and also got some rides on the trailer.