April 14, 2004

John Pederson came in late last night. He is my old professor from Oak Hills now working for STEM out of the cities. We stayed up talking and catching up some which was fun. In the morning we had breakfast and talked some more before he left for a meeting in Brainerd. We were really glad that he stopped.

Jeremy had piano at 10:00 and that went good. Trash day today and Jeremy got that out before we left.

On the way home from piano we stopped at the lot and dug a huge gooseberry. We also found some raspberry bushes and grape vines that we also dug. I let them soak in the garage when we got home and then Tali and I planted them in the evening. We also went for a run before supper since Tali was able to come home a bit early today. It was a beautiful sunny warm day and great to get outside and be planting more things in our yard.

Sammi from next door came over and watched to see what we were up to. The hillside behind them is full of lilac and raspberries and other bushes up higher behind them.