April 13, 2004

Jana had her 1 year well child visit with Dr. Hu today. Jana is doing very good and is at the 70% for her weight and head circumference and 50% for her height. She also had to get a couple shots in the legs and did cry some for that but was quickly comforted when I picked her up. Jeremy did a good job helping by holding Tovin during the visit. Jeremy was a bit uncomfortable staying in while Jana got the shots but did fine.

We then had to get a finger poke to check Hgb and lead. I was able to hold Jana on my lap for that one and she didn't even cry which I was surprised. They must have really tiny finger pokers. She did a great job and we were all glad to have that done with.

I had community education in the evening and have been enjoying the love and logic parenting style they are teaching. I try some of the things with the kids and they work but it is difficult for parent to think of how to word things and such.

Didn't take many picts today so took one before bed of the clean house and 2 dozen roses from the party that are still looking and smelling great. We got them at Sams for around $15.