April 12, 2004

The day after the party. We left all the decorations up and our house is still comfortably clean from the company yesterday. Lots of yummy leftovers in the fridge.

Jeremy had an orthodontist check-up today at 9:30 and we hustled to be on time and were right on time which made me feel good. Jeremy's teeth are looking okay so far and will just keep watching how they come in. We looked at the panoramic x-ray of his teeth and it was really neat to see all the teeth he visibly has but also be able to see all the permanent teeth below the gum line ready to erupt and push the baby teeth out.

Jeremy really didn't want to do his studies today. I told him no gymnastics if it wasn't done and if he missed we were done for good out of desperation. He didn't budge and seemed to not care but was not going to even try to get the work done. I was quite frustrated.

I called Tali to let her know what we were doing and she said we had to go because he had never been to this new group and he was playing off of big fears that he must conquer. So we went to gymnastics only to find that they were closed for Easter. What a day. We have to learn how to handle Jeremy's fears that seem to disable him so much.