April 07, 2004

Had piano in the morning and that went good. After naps in the afternoon we went over to the lot to attempt to take the second mature apple tree. It was very windy and warm, not the best day to move a bare root tree. Jana and Tovin played in the van while Jeremy and I labored at the tree. I am working on getting Jeremy to not be so pessimistic in his talk. It really drains my energy I would tell him when he says things like, "this will never work" or "this tree is too big, it will never survive." His comments were probably very true but I was determined to move the tree dead or alive and had to chop roots, pull it with the van and a tow rope, pry it up on the trailer and just really put some sweat into getting this tree. It was much bigger and heavier than I had thought but we did manage to get it up on the trailer and limp it home. I had Jeremy ride on the trailer to hold it on due to the strong winds.

We got home at about supper time and started to dig the hole because I knew we had to get those roots in water as soon as possible if it was going to have a chance. I dug a hole about 5'x5'x3' deep and then started to fill it with water. Tali rolled home and helped immensely by taking Jana and Tovin inside and starting supper. Jeremy and I finished setting the tree and burying the roots. Whether it makes it now is in God's hands. It looks really good in the yard and I will heavily prune it back later.