April 04, 2004

We went to the early church service today. We then came home and I got ready to leave for the Timberwolves game. We all met at the Whitney center at 12:00 and ended up leaving around 12:30. I rode the bus down with some of the kids and other coaches. It was a decent ride down and time passed rather quickly. Paige and I discussed the all star team and other stuff on way down which was fun to be a part of.

Steve and Isaac came to the game which was fun to spend time with them. We had lots of tickets left over so were selling them for $5 outside the Target center before the game and did sell quite a few. Each ticket cost $22 and YFC had to buy at least 200 in order to get the court after the game. I saw Sid Hartman standing outside so approached him and got an autograph. I tried to make small talk and he brushed me off like he does with people on the radio. Poor guy, he doesn't seem very happy.

Game was an enjoyable experience but awfully spendy. Afterwards we headed down to the court and had the chaplain for the Timberwolves talk to us before we took the court. Steve then helped along with some others as we did the 3 point contest. One of the refs didn't make it so Paige asked us to ref and Steve and I both did. He wasn't in ref clothes but it worked out. For the guys game just Paul and I were refs and it was a very close game. Sure seem like the kids like to yell at me and complain. Not sure if they were doing that at both ends or not but makes a guy feel like he isn't doing a good job. Oh well, being a ref isn't an easy job.

Bus ride home was boring and we drove right by our house on the interstate. I had the cell so called ahead and had Tali and kids waving from the patio window. I could see them good but they couldn't see me very good on the bus. I hustled home and Tovin and Jeremy were still awake waiting for me. I missed my family a whole lot even though I was only gone for the afternoon.