March 28, 2004

We went to the early service at church and then headed over to my parent's place. They were at church when we got there as we had expected but had planned to eat with Steve and Kizzy. We brought some stuff and they had some stuff and we grilled venison burgers which were very good. I hardly ever get grilled burgers so it was a real treat.

We went up to my parents in the early afternoon and they still weren't home yet so we decided to head up to Chris and Carey's party for Matt. Lot of people there and it was good seeing everyone. My parents finally showed up around 2:30 or 3:00 when we were getting ready to head back home. They have lots going on in the church now but was disappointing that we weren't able to see them more and visit. We could have hung around longer but I was ready to go and it was nice getting back and having a little of our Sunday to relax at home.  

Jeremy and Isaac