March 24, 2004

Tali got up early and went for a run again. She also made some muffins with jelly inside for breakfast.

Jeremy had his piano lesson today and that went good. We did some shopping afterwards. I returned the missions bulletin board to the church and will try and arrange to meet John R. on Friday to hang it up.

It was up to 70 on the thermometer outside so I figured we better get rid of the dead cat before it gets too warm. So while Tovin and Jana slept. Jeremy and I had a funeral for Smore. I figured since the ground was probably still to hard to dig in, that we would burn the cat in the back. I used lots of gas along with other fuel but just couldn't get it to burn completely. I kept throwing more gas on but it would just burn and then catch the grass on fire. Jeremy wanted me to keep going with more gas but it was obvious that the gas was the only thing burning. So I dumped the water on it and left the charred cat lay until we could bury it another time. Should have just buried it in the first place but now I know. I ready Psalms 23 and we sang a few hymns while the fire first burned. It was a nice funeral for Jeremy's cat but I wish it would have burned completely. Now looks like the cat died from a very bad electrical burn or something.

Cats have worms again so I bought some $3 wormer at Walmart. Jeremy helped me give the juice to the cats and now we will repeat in 10 days and then once every month. I wonder if that is why Smore died?

Jana and Tovin woke up and I let them play on the deck while I got supper.