March 23, 2004

Tali is enjoying the new work clothes that we got for her. Has been getting lots of complements at work as well.

We went into town to run some errands and stopped by the church to take down the bulletin board. We also got the necessary supplies at Home Depot so were ready to do that. During nap time I got some of it assembled and then stayed up until after 2:00 AM finishing it. I hate staying up so late but do very much enjoy being able to work on something steady until it is done without a thousand interruptions.

Tovin cut the back of his heel yesterday on something in our bedroom that bled really good. Just having him wear a sock with a band-aid until it heals up more.

Realtors were out yesterday and now put up a sign to sell the lot next to us. We knew it was going to happen sometime. I called on it telling Jeremy that if it was under $25,000 maybe we will buy it. $54,900 is what they are asking for the lot. I would be surprised if they sell it for that. I guess we may have new neighbors by the fall if someone does buy it and build. Hopefully they won't clear it all off. I was trying to get a hold of a banker to find if it would work for us to buy some more land. Without if being a homestead property, interest and all that is going to be rather expensive I think. I never did end up talking with a banker but figure that it wouldn't be the right thing to do. God has other plans for us.