March 19, 2004

Tali was up and out for some exercise this morning. Jana woke up a little after 6:00 and wanted to stay up. I made some cards for family who have special days this weekend. Jeremy was working on a card and some other art projects while I did this. Tovin played with crayons and art stuff as well. Jana was playing and then I gave them a snack. She ate her snack while I continued to work and clean up when she fell asleep. She just rested her head on her hand and out she went. She was very cute and was sleeping soundly so I let her sleep in the highchair after taking lots of pictures. She woke up when it was time to go to town. I think she is listening in her subconscious and knew it was time to go.

We went to the auto parts store and got a new head light for the Subaru and looked at batteries since the Subaru and been dead a few mornings. Then we went to the post office and Jeremy mailed the letters. Finally to the church where I had to drop off a prayer update to Anita and measure the bulletin board for an addition to the bottom.

At home we had some super salty Ramen soup, rice, and I had a tuna sandwich. Jeremy, Tovin and Jana finished off the applesauce as well. Jeremy was done with studies so I had him help clean up before he went outside to play with Sammy. Tovin and Jana eventually took naps and the house was so quiet I didn't know what to do with myself. I got a picture I ordered from Ofoto.com today of some Swiss dairy cows shot last July south of Cold Spring when we were buying our van. I blew it up to a 16x20 and it looks really good. I put it in a frame that we got at a garage sale and hung it downstairs. I like it.

We had tacos for supper and then off to the Residency Match Party. They had all sorts of food there and free drinks. We stayed for about and hour visiting and then headed home.

I stayed until Jeremy and Tovin were in bed and then headed off to Hoop Time. I was a little late but didn't miss anything. Had a good speaker from the cities talk to the kids. Playoffs began tonight and we were the number one rank so had a bye first. I helped ref the game before ours. Then we played and barely won. Matt was upset at ref and did a hard foul on a player going up for a basket. I immediately pulled him as he was celebrating his flagrant foul. He was all hot and upset and took off and started getting his clothes on to go home. Let him go. He is going to make his own choices and if he wants to go, so be it. I wasn't going to run after him and beg him to stay when he has a poor attitude. We did win but not by much. I'm glad because if we would have lost the guys could have been upset for my pulling Matt for the hard foul.

I was referee of the next game all myself and it was very competitive. I was doing my best but it is tough for one ref to see it all and I got flak from players and some coaches. When our game was about done a fight/brawl broke out in another court and it got bad. We finished our game but that was it. Everyone was over in one corner of the gym, police were called with lots of back up. I looked out and red lights were everywhere. Police were everywhere, at least one kid was on the floor, hand cuffed and taken away. While they were taking him away others were trying to get at the police and were restrained. They made all of us get out and go home. I counted 10 St. Cloud police squad cars outside the building. Everyone was stirred up and tense the police hung around until most all of the kids were gone. Not sure what exactly happened but do know that the kids are really playing with intensity and going all out. Hopefully we will be able to continue as always next week. It sure would help to have more refs. I will have to do some recruiting. The coordinater, Paige, will not be there next week so we will have to be really praying for things to go well. It is amazing how the kids are so into this and hopefully they are hearing the biblical message being presented each night. I pray that I relax some and model Christ's love and attitude in everything that I do.