March 18, 2004

Went to bed last night with a brown landscape and woke up to about 1-2 inches of wet snow. We had planned to go to the Children's Museum in the cities today with Sarah and Veronica. Veronica was given a choice of who she wanted to invite and she chose us to go. They had a free pass so it saved us $8/person. We got left about 8:15 from our house and roads were wet but fine but we got to the cities and very congested. I tried taking a short cut and got lost. Finally made it to Sarah's house at 10:00. I had the cell phone so called and they were waiting when we pulled in the drive. We headed straight there and started playing.

Lots of kids from schools and they were doing field trips and day care kids. Lots of places to explore and play, tunnels, water exploration, educational fun. We didn't take a snack break so by 11:30 the kids were hungry. Jeremy had to bring along some leftovers he didn't want to eat and he ate very little here as well. After lunch we played some more and then Tovin and Jana were getting ready for naps so we left a little after 1:00. We dropped Sarah and Veronica off and then headed back home. Naps on the way home. It was a fun time and low stress with Sarah having been there before and knowing the cities very well.

Got home and that was it for the naps so it was short. Jeremy had some studies to do but was able to get most of them done. I had him eat his sandwich before going out so that he was able to enjoy supper that night. We had oven baked fish with oven potato wedges, corn and applesauce. Everyone was hungry and ate really good. No leftovers tonight. I called Jer towards evening and talked to him. I was hoping he would come up Friday but he will be working late shifts all weekend as he will be trained to run the fork lifts at Home Depot. I then called Steve to see if he wanted to come help out at Friday night Hoop Time but he was unable. Had a long talk about things before going to bed.