March 17, 2004

Tali was up early and on the run. Had about an inch or two of very wet slick snow this morning that started last night. Tali took the dog for a walk and then rode the exercise bike downstairs. I didn't sleep so well and Jana wanted to get up at 6:30. I pulled her into the bed and tried to encourage her to sleep until 7:00 but it didn't work. I have a little cold giving me a sore throat from post nasal drip. I think Jana and Tovin may have something as well but nothing too bad.

Jeremy had piano lesson this morning. I dropped him off and then went to the Plaza to get my wallet from Tali's car. Jeremy did very well in his lesson again so that was good. I stopped by bank and started Tovin a savings account since they had a special where they put the first $10 in. So he has $10 in his account. Hope to start Jana one as well as soon as she gets a SSN.

After picking up Jeremy we went to Sams and spent $98 and then to Cub and almost spent $30 there. Finally home. The snow was melting and almost completely gone by the afternoon. Jeremy was trying to avoid his studies for all he was worth. When I finally did get him going on them he just sat and was determined not to do them I guess. Tovin was trying to help with dishes and fell off the white highchair landing right on his forehead. He cried hard and got a big goose egg from it. I tried to ice it but he wasn't too cooperative. I gave him some ibuprofen and hopefully it will be alright. I shouldn't have left him climb up on that. Jana and Tovin are just into everything and are so curious and busy. I always have to check the oven before turning it on so I don't accidentally burn something that they put in there.

Tali got home early which was nice. They found out who they will be having for next years residents - all foreign medical grads. The results were a surprise to faculty since they had applicants tell them they were ranking them first and then didn't. Maybe we will get to meet some of them on Friday at the match party.

Jeremy still didn't do his studies so kind of hampers the spirit of the evening. He is still up and it is after 10:00. I am going to bed now and not sure when he will decide to take it serious and get it done.