March 16, 2004

Tali had an easier day today since the match was taking place and she had to be available in case they had to scramble. The residency faculty were very happy that they did not have to scramble for residents and went out to celebrate at O'haras restaurant.

Jeremy did very good with his studies today and finished in time to go outside and play a lot during the afternoon. He had gymnastics at 4:15 and didn't want to go because he doesn't like the new class that he is in. After talking to Tali on the phone I took him anyway. He liked it after he was done but he does need to move to a different class as the one he is in is very slow moving.

I made a venison roast with potatoes, carrots and onions in the crockpot so it was ready to eat when we got home. Many Canadian geese in the corn fields which was fun to see. The even more exciting thing was when I got home I got out of the van to check if I was in the garage far enough. I heard a goose like honking but more musical and loud. I ran out the back and looked up to see 5 beautiful Trumpeter Swans flying in a perfect V formation very low and making a beautiful sound. They were huge and all white with very long necks. Probably at least twice the size of the Canadian geese. It was an incredible moment that made me thank God for His creation and the beauty of the earth on this drab day. I wish I had more time to be out walking around watching the world wake up to spring.

Had missions meeting tonight and I took Jeremy along. We had a good meeting and Jeremy was very well behaved and seemed to get a lot out of the meeting especially the presentation on the 10/40 window. At home he kept saying how he wanted to tell others about the glory of God. It was encouraging to see him so interested in missions and telling others about God.

Before bed Tali and I were talking and she had mentioned she read yesterday's journal entry and so we started talking and then I got to thinking again. Ken and Paulette's property is just a little too much money but yet I hate to see it sold to someone else. I wonder if they need to sell it because they need the money or if it is to sell it because the money is better than having the land. If the later, then I would maybe be willing to work a deal. Have them keep the land in their name or sell it to me for $100 or something minimal to transfer property taxes. We would have a written agreement that I would transfer land back to them for same price at anytime. Hopefully they would be willing to wait 5 years as you do with most investments. In this time, I would develop it like the e-mail yesterday stated, fence, livestock, DNR ponds, many trees planted and area cleaned up of junk. Would also like to paint or side and roof the shop with steel. Ken would invest nothing, risk free, and would receive 10% of my net profits after I payed off expenses. Land value would greatly increase in this time. If they decided to sell in less than 5 year time, I would be reimbursed my expenses and be out nothing. I don't know - I don't think I have the time and dont' have a realistic idea of costs and time yet.